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ZEUS: 2 essentials ideas
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After the stream, I really hope that:

-You create a sort of system for player to communicate with Zeus (take exemple from BF2, BF3) with pre-created message (ex: problem with the objectives, imbalance, need something else,...), because not everyone has a mic, not everyone want to use it, not everyone speak the same language, and Zeus can't hear every demand at the same time!

-A better system with the tasks: I think that Zeus should always has in front of him the tasks the players have and their state, so he doesn't forget to change the state, esp. activated, so the players don't need to get to the map and change the state...


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Players can already communicate with the Zeus using the standard chat.

I think that a system like in BF2 would be definitely better!

Played it again today, and I confirm, it really need a way to communicate between the players and Zeus with preset messages... Because, otherwise, it gets quickly chaotic!

Players can chat to Zeus (And vice versa), and they can press Y to ping him.

Good points, thanks.

My pleasure, hope they get implemented!