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Lights on/off keyboard shortcut unresponsive at high FPS
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When FPS is high (higher than 60 FPS for me), lights on/off keyboard shortcut becomes unresponsive to input and it takes a random amount of key presses to turn them on or off.

When FPS is locked to 60 or below, the shortcut is responsive as expected.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Editor on Stratis
  2. Place yourself as Civilian > Civilans > Car > Offroad on the Stratis runway, with the vehicle facing west, towards the sea
  3. Preview
  4. Go to third person, make sure your FPS is significantly over 60. (Mine is at 110 when I do this)
  5. Start pressing your Lights keyboard shortcut (Usually "L" key)
  6. Observe that the light will not turn on or off with each key press
  7. Limit your FPS to 60 or below (I do this by turning on V-Sync)
  8. Start pressing your Lights keyboard shortcut again.
  9. Observe that the light will turn on and off with each key press
Additional Information

Additionally, if your FPS is high, let's say 110 FPS and you accelerate time by any factor the Lights keyboard shortcut will work flawlessly again until you go back to 1x time acceleration.

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Fixed in tomorrow's devbranch.