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Helicopter AI can't spot enemy infantry unless get shot by them
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Title speaks for himself.
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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

1)Place yourself and/or your squad *as infantry in editor on a open place.
2)Place an enemy attack/armed helicopter on map with a waypoint crossing your position
3)Tell your squad to "Hold fire"

4)The helicopter will "pass by" -even multiple times- from the spot you are without detect you.

Additional Information

There should be a chance x% armed groups to be detected by gunners/co-pilots etc-especially from helicopters with Hi-tech optical equipment.
The (x)percentage can be varied (Higher/Lower)depending the Combat mode of AI
the exact moment

Unknown *armed groups should be considered and treated as "suspicious" by AI and get investigated/monitored/pursued until final confirmation (knowsAbout) reveal their "side"

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Can't really reproduce, are you using any mods by chance?
Placed a Blufor rifle squad at almyra with hold fire, then I placed an Orca with a waypoint flying right above the blufor squad.
The crew from the orca spotted the squad, turned around and engaged, same goes for a kajman.
Added a picture.

Maybe you could add a reproduction mission?

I would suggest to repeat the test while "player" unit is within ground team-and not as heli passenger/commander/gunner etc.

In EVERY mission i played with my team from ARMA 3 Alpha ground forces cannot be spotted-unless helicopters get fire

B00tsy added a subscriber: B00tsy.May 7 2016, 5:56 PM

View distance matters too. As far as I am aware at least the engage/detect distance of AI is linked to player view distance. If I set view distance to 6k then choppers will detect ground units from 6k distance as well. But just as in arma 2 hostile choppers that patrol an area may fly past ground troops several times before they engage, it was never perfect.

Like GiorgyGR suggested I placed myself within the ground squad and like he said, the gunship somehow just flew past the squad, ignoring it and coming to a halt at the waypoint 500m away.
View/Object distance was set to 4k.

It's weird that having a player inside the chopper (even only in cargo seat) has an influence on spotting ground units. Very weird.

Interesting find, upvoted.

Really appreciated the support & the extra effort for extensive tests Grumpy (and guyzz)

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Also helicopter ai needs to use another tactic for engaging infantry... they should hover more to accurately place shots at infantry, those flybys are too predicable.
Also they have thermalscope so in the open you would get spotted IF they are looking(anything other than safemode)

Uploaded picture with player in rifle squad.

While there's no overcast, bright day and the squad is all out in the open holding fire, the gunship still doesn't spot the squad even when only flying at an altitude of 30m almost exactly over the squad.

As soon as the player is in the gunship cargo they spot the squad just fine.

GiorgyGR added a subscriber: Grumpy.May 7 2016, 5:56 PM

..i ll have to add that Attack Helicopters with advanced optical systems (like FLIR etc) must have a lot higher possibilities to spot threats under bad weather conditions.

@TTc30 Of course..that would have been very nice

it looks like jet and chopper pilots are using the same procedures to engage ground targets, like you said these flybys are too predictable, hovering on the other hand would make them too vulnerable to AA/.50cal fire, this definitely needs to be improved.

Still no solution on this issue? It has been already 2 years as far as I see and still Helis cannot detect infantry until they fire at heli