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Multiples bugs in the first episod Survive
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Ok guys, I restarted the campaign for the third time, here are some bugs that are new or that were already there.

*Every Maxwell armory: If you take a weapon on a table instead of yours, you cannot take back the one you put on the table!
*Ghosthawk down: Medic doesn't get his equipement.
*Mission starting underwater: The fourth man still get killed when getting out of the submarine
*2nd mission (after the mine accident): When joining the survivors, after that, they are often in combat mode, so it take 12 hours to get through the forest and the dialogues are offset.
*Death valley: Teammate that lose suddenly his entire equipement.
*Death valley: The spotters don't get shot when targeted with UAV.
*Mission in the night before camp Maxwell get bombed: in the village at the end, almost all the Altis soldiers were in carless mode, so they almost didn't fire back...
*Same mission: When the teammates get to Nikos, they go to him with weapons up, and not in relax mod anymore (possibly not a bug).
*Same mission: If you load the autosave, they scream "where are you going!?" or something like that, already reported, still present.


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Really, I think there's too much bugs. And I think that you really should work on them. It's not funny anymore when everymission has to be restarted. And, of course, all these bugs don't happend everytime. But they still are bugs. So you should fix them.

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Maxwell blocking is fixed