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Actions "TakeMagazine" and "TakeDropMagazine" are broken!
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You can place magazine into weaponholder or container with

player action ["DropMagazine", weaponholderobj, currentMagazine player];
player action ["PutMagazine", weaponholderobj, currentMagazine player];

but cannot pick it up with "TakeMagazine" or "TakeDropMagazine" action


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

spawn as default rifleman and execute in editor:

player action ["PutMagazine", objNull, currentMagazine player];

the magazine appears on the ground next to player
point at it until you see hand and execute

player action ["TakeMagazine", cursorTarget, currentMagazine player];

There is pick up animation and magazine on the ground even moves, but nothing is transferred.

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Fixed: Take action for weapon with magazines around

Unfortunately today's fix ^^^ has nothing to do with this ticket :(


thank you for reporting the problem, it has been assigned to programmers.

Have a nice day.

hi iceman, any idea when this will be resolved?

Would love an update :D

would love if this is fixed

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Please FIX it!

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