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Arma 3 Has Stopped Working
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Game crashes to desktop with an exception (PhysX86.dll). The error can occur anywhere from 5-30 minutes into a game. The problem seems only to have started happening within the last two weeks or so.

I play wasteland almost exclusively and I've noticed the crash occurs more frequently on certain servers (codefourgaming, midnight gaming, wasteland by Su-Matra). It can't be tied to a specific time of day, vehicle, sound, or anything I can think of. Also happens on both stratis and altis. My frames stutter and then I'm kicked to the desktop.

I have adjusted graphics settings, deleted mp cache files, re-installed graphics drivers, and used a default config to no avail. I've posted multiple crash dumps on the other issues before I was told to create my own, so here it is. If you can solve this problem, I will be one happy customer. Very frustrating.


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Connect to server... wait until it happens.

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crashed again, after 2 minutes or so in a GSN wasteland server. I had removed all cache files, config file, and profiles prior to entering. Was in a helicopter as copilot when the second crash occurred.

Last crash I joined a server and sat in one spot. After about 5-8 minutes the game crashed. I was in windowed mode.

Tried to play again for the first time since the 7th of Feb. Still crashing in wasteland. Tried two different sandbox mods. Attached are my two separate dump files. I turned my graphics settings to standard for both attempts.

do you have these PhysX crashes in actual version?

This looks like it is fixed now. Reopen if you have more info.

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