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Darter UAV killing guys by ghosting trought them
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When you "crash" UAV with a guy UAV will kill that guy but UAV will not be damaged anyway. It will not even slow down while "hitting" that guy. UAV just ghosting trought that guy.

So you can kill multiple guys by flying into them with darter and your UAV will not be damaged.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Try to crash UAV darter with soldier, not with yourself of course :-)
UAV will just ghost trought that guy and kill him:

Additional Information

I already uploaded a video, look at notes.

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MP too or only SP?

Not tested in MP. I do not have a friend to test it.

This do not changing the fact that its issue and its still needs to be fixed. At this moment UAV in ArmA3 is less realistic than UAV in ARCADE game called Battlefield 3 :D