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Non-unique map markers
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Map markers are meant to have unique names. However, it is possible to have player-created map markers with non-unique names.

Player-created markers are systematically named using the following convention: "_USER_DEFINED #12345678/n" where:

  • 12345678 corresponds to the DirectPlay ID or _id from OnPlayerConnected/OnPlayerDisconnected
  • n corresponds to an incrementing number starting with 0

When a player disconnects and reconnects, the n or incrementing marker number restarts at 0.

What this means is that if a player already has player-created map markers in-game before he disconnects, the same player can create non-unique markers after reconnecting.

Perhaps this is a locality issue because objects are returned to the server when a player disconnects. But that said, the non-unique markers will be transferred to the server when the player disconnects a second time.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a multiplayer game
  2. Create player markers by double clicking on map
  3. Disconnect
  4. Reconnect
  5. Create player markers by double clicking on map

Use the following code to see the duplicate markers:
{ systemChat str _x } count allMapMarkers;

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