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Combine Rounds left in Mags
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It should be possible to combine Mags with few Rounds left in it.
Especially when using low capacity Guns and Mags like Rahim(10rnd 7.62) you`ll have to change Mags a lot of times.
Carrying 10 Mags with 3Rounds at the end is stupid (heavy)and unreal.
I´d like to combine that mags in a quiet moment.


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Agreed, this should be a native feature and it should be part of the gear menu.

This was one of ACE's best features and currently is served by Mag Repack by Outlaw. That we don't have this as a native feature in vanilla makes it an annoyance whenever playing a single player mission as saving and loading breaks CBA based mods.

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Duplicate of #2638

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On EUTW CTI Servers thers a script running for combining Mags. Just press STRG+R to have a window where u can drag&drop half empty magazines and combine them. Very nice. Miss it on other Servers. So if u like to test this feature go to the EUTW CTI Servers.

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brainwashington, is that spam and an ad to a server?

It was ment as an Information for Arma 3 Players where to test this feature in Combat thats all!

Yes, it should be in the game by default. However, there are a million feature requests every day and only a few ARMA 3 programmers. So until then . . .

Now, I'm going back to my regularly scheduled complaining about missing features like the ability to tow vehicles, the need for better airplane flight models, helicopter landing gear that's pilot controllable, and adding physics based fast ropes and/or sling ropes to helicopters!

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Duplicate of 2638