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Script UNIT sideChat "blablabla" stopped working.
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Before the 'Adapt' Campaign update this was working fine but now the sidechat does not show up at all. I have also tried groupChat, globalChat with same results.


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Steps To Reproduce

Open Editor
Place unit
Name unit "man1"
Place trigger
Change Condition from 'this' to 'true'
OnAct write: man1 sideChat "blablabla"
Preview mission

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You're more than likely doing it wrong. Not able to reproduce following exact steps provided, besides, you are missing the activation which is crucial. TRUE and THIS are the exact same thing if, for instance, you set Activation to BLUFOR.

I was able to execute sideChat aswell as any other chat using Activation BLUFOR aswell as condition THIS/TRUE.

setting it to TRUE ensures its activation regardless

and oddly enough, sideChat and groupChat are not working on my end either, and im running the Dev branch (1.11.114607)

running the commands directly without a trigger through the debug console produced no output either (error or otherwise)

Is the unit activating sidechat alive at the time of execution?

I am unable to reproduce this. Could you please attach a repro mission? Thanks

Of course it is replicable. I believe its not intended, that sidechat is only working if you carry a radio?

I also cant seem to find that change documented so i assume its simply a bug.
By the way, you dont need a repro mission. Just place a civilian or drop the radio of any unit (and use sidechat in debug console)

and you also dont need DEV branch, but its also in latest "stable"

Ofcourse it's intended that no chat is working unless you have a radio. SideChat aswell as any other chat besides systemChat is supposed to simulate radio traffic, and as such relies on an actual radio.

At least that's how I understood it. The BIKI articles should have this added in the notes though.

(globalChat may be excluded from this, I'm not too sure, considering it's somewhat of an administrative channel in MP)

To clarify, this has been around since ArmA2 or possibly earlier.

Im not aware of this, and its not stated in the BIKI. But it makes sense somehow if you refer to the chat as "radio". Also that means, by default civilian players can't use sidechat at all.

True it's not stated in the BIKI. In MP, sideChat is useable by everybody, however, for a unit to be able to use it scriptwise it requires a radio. It's simulated as radio.

True it's not stated in the BIKI

It is now

Closing as fixed. Thanks for help!

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