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Modules - Skirmish init and other modules randomly removed from Dev build without warning
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Modules and their dependencies are being removed from the dev build with no prior warning. This obviously kills most levels we are building and makes issue reporting even more difficult. In addition many of the module descriptions are either missing or too superficial.

The dev build should carry a warning that says - this build will break any level that requires modules x,y,z etc.


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Try and build a level with modules that used to be in ARMA3 - for example skirmish.

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These modules are not a part of Arma for a long time. At least if we are talking about the same ones. There is an explanation:

Misc -> Skirmish trigger is still there with no explanation of how to use it without Skirmish init. Why is this still in the modules list then?

And why are modules removed without any concern or explanation - given all the missions created with these modules?

Skirmish trigger is needed for starting of skirmish. But skirmish is handled another way except this one module. It is explained in that post linked above.

These modules weren't removed without any explanation. There is link to the explanation in my previous post. All this have been made during the alpha stage of the game more than half year ago. There was warning about possibility of necessary changes which can affect user-made missions in this period of development.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change and we were trying to avoid similar changes with bigger impact on community work, but it wasn't entirely possible in the alpha stage.

I still don't understand - on the one hand you say Skirmish has been removed and replaced with the Site module and then you say that Skirmish trigger has been retained in the modules because it's needed for starting a Skirmish?! The link you posted simply says that Skirmish has been done away with in favour of Site modules. So why is Skirmish Trigger still there and how do you use it given there is no info in the editor.

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The Skirmish: Trigger module is currently used in the campaign only for triggering Hub mission when leaving the Skirmish area (so basically just ending current mission and loading up the next one in the campaign structure, in this case a Hub). No other functionality is supported.

Ok thanks, that explains things more clearly. You can understand why many users are confused by it's presence and missing Skirmish init.