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AI drives very bad
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The AI vehicle handling is very bad. I edited some mission, where the AI just has to drive from one point to another. (For example from Zaros to Lakka). The distances are arround 1000m but mostly they don't reach the destination point. They get stuck at some tree or lantern or something else. The most of the mission i play now are without any vehicles because the AI can't use them.

Here is a example:


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Just make some missions like me

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For the tests i gave the AI an Hunter

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Its very common issue.
It exists since ArmA 1.

And it will be almost impossible to fix (requires too much work)...

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But in my opinion it was in Arma 2 already bether

The only thing that absolutely confuses me is the collision detection of AIs driving vehicles. It's like they can't see the rock they're constantly ramming for the last 30 minutes.
The pathfinding in general isn't that bad, as long as they stay on the road and there are no sharp turns or bends to be taken.

Yeah, when they get stuck they don't seem to understand they have to reverse.

Is there a possibility to have a look into the path finding process? Because except for some SQF commands like <b>nearRoads</b>, I couldn't find anything, not in the pbo files or anywhere else.

The AI is not able to avoid the elementary obstacle.
Add this video-example:

Add even more vivid and disgusting example:

The AI is so stupid that it can't avoid even large objects.
It urgently needs treatment...