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Naval Mine (Moored) does no damage
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Observed: When it explodes, the Naval Mine (Moored) does no damage to surrounding boats, SDV's and swimmers.
The moored naval mine is the only mine that does not emit damage.

Expected: Do damage like the other mines do.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Place a Naval Mine (Moored)in the editor with a boat or SDV.
  • Drive the boat\SDV over the mine and it will not be damaged, even though the mine will detonate.

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The Naval Mine (Bottom) seems to be working fine for me, can you test again to be sure.

EDIT: After further testing the Bottom mine only damages vehicles\divers under the water, boats do not get damaged.

Fixed according to CL.

Naval Mine (Moored) still doesn't do damage, after the update (SPOTREP 19), although the change-log states it is fixed.
@gutsnav Naval Mine (Bottom) does damage to targets bellow it only, although it will detonate by heavy boats above it too. So you'll have to test it with a submarine -> SDV (In case you havn't).

Re-opening thus.

UPDATE as of latest Dev branch (March 10, 2014):

• PDM7-

  • Destroys all boats, submarines, & infantry (not triggered by infantry).

• Naval Mine (Moored)-

  • Destroys heavy boats & submarines
  • Not activated by assault boats (Good how it is)
  • Does not harm infantry

• Naval Mine (Bottom)-

  • Destroys heavy boats (hard to trigger with heavy boats) & destroys submarines.
  • Not triggered by assault boats (Fine how it is)
  • Does not harm infantry