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"TAKE" event handler is broken again
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It does not fire for when you pick up an item which goes directly to your assigned items slot with default action. Fails in both editor and MP.


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add this to your player in debug console in editor preview:

player addEventHandler ["Put", {player sidechat str ["PUT", _this]}];
player addEventHandler ["Take", {player sidechat str ["TAKE", _this]}];

Now open Inventory and drag the watch to the ground

PUT event handler is fired

Close inventory, point at the watch until you see "hand" then press Spacebar

Player picks up the watch in puts in in assigned slot but no event handler is fired

Open Inventory and drag the watch to the ground again

PUT event handler is fired

Now drag it back into assigned slot

TAKE event handler is fired

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FIXED since DEV.114819 (will be distributed tomorrow)

It's Christmas tomo!

LOL Sorry @japapatramtara, I did not change it from feedback to assigned :) the ticket system seems to be bugged.

Total fail for itemRadio!

Not that TAKE does not fire if you pick it up with default action, dragging it manually doesn't fire TAKE either. (tried on dedicated server)

Here is the video just in case:

To add even dragging radio into uniform doesn't trigger Take.

Killzone_kid: you owe me two hours of my life ;-)A3 is processing EETake even for radio, but you can't get an information from sidechat, because action Take is being processed before simulation in which Soldier checks its slots(radio, nvg, ..). So I can modify code to call slot items scan right after proper action, but I don't know if it is really necessary

OMG of course! Epic facepalm! I'm so sorry :(

All works now.

You know what is even more funny? I recently updated wiki with note that you have to have itemradio in your inventory to read or post into sidechat... and then did this! globalChat would have worked better.

Shall I close it or you wanna mark it as solved?

Never mind... since DEV. 114900 radio slot will be re-scan right after assigning of itemRadio. Let's make A3 consistent

it seems to be OK now

Let's make A3 consistent

I'll drink to that!

Think this is related:

Would probably be worth checking that this also works after fix:

Mass-close of resolved tickets not updated in last two weeks.