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Unrealistic aim sway
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The aim sway is overdone and very predictable. It does not give a realistic feeling, it is more like as if the soldier were aiming up and down deliberately. The sight of the weapon should shake a little bit, emulating a real-life aiming.

I'm sorry if i have been not clear enough or if my English is wrong or confuisng, but i am not refering to the recoil of the gun when shooting; i am talking about aiming. When you aim a gun (or your finger) in real life, the sight moves unavoidably, and that movement is pretty irregular and shaky; but in the game is regular and smooth. That is what i meant.


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Before i start bashing about this ticket (because obviously this has been discussed a lot).

Have you ever fired a gun? or do you use guns usually? i dont want to look like an idiot, while at the same time i dont fully understand your question.

You are complaining about how the recoil is always in the same direction with the same force? or that there should be more of a "shaking" effect?

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i just want to ask because if he is complaining about the recoil not moving the sight back to its original position as unrealistic he is just wrong.

I think 'Migueloide' is talking about the sway of the scope as you look through it.
I personally think it's fine as long as you use the correct stance and hold your breath (right mouse button) before firing.

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@Feral Circus, the sway of the scope as you look through it is all wrong. It should move with the camera. As of now it doesn't make any sense since the weapon is stuck to your cheek.

Bingo FrankHH,

You hit the nail on the head. Frankly, I think many gamers like the alcoholic gun sway effect because they think it's somehow realistic and it gives them bragging rights when they can hit a target while going through crystal meth detoxification jitters.

The question is . . . is the gun sway done well??? And I think you're right. With the scope, it should move with the camera, not swing the gun (or binoculars) all over the place like a street corner crack addict.

If the 3D scope sway is what this ticket is about, sadly he was not enough clear. This is probably why he got so many downvotes.

Yes the weapon is tucked into your cheek (stock weld) so that you get the same view of the sights as closely as possible every time you fire so as not to affect the zero.
The pivot point of the weapon is in your shoulder at the back of the but and will still move independently to the head as you move and breath causing the sighs to move independently to your line of sight.
Because the sights are so close to the eye (average of a few of inch depending on the build of the person) Just the slightest bit (mm) of movement on the weapon can cause a massive parallax effect down the sights.

I agree that there would be some slight movement of the scope that's for sure, but are we sure it's so massive IRL like it currently is in the game? I really think not.

Here's a cool little video that shows how the slightest bit of movement can dramatically alter the sight alignment.
The gun in the video represents a pistol but the longer the distance between the rear sight (notch) and the front sight (post or blade) the more exaggerated the movement will be.

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Isn't this fixed by using PiP 3d scopes?

Changed My Mind. Upvoted.

Make a new ticket about sight alignment

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I don't understand the Problem. I like the gunsway like it is

EXACTLY leave it as it is :-)

Sorry if i wasn`t clear about this thing. The recoil is just fine for me, i'm talking about sight's sway while aiming. It's very excessive, slow, soft and regular. If you point your finger against the wall and you try to hold it still, you will see that its movement is not like the one in the game, by a long shot.

One last thing, could somebody tell me if i messed it up with my English? Did i made mistakes?

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its just that it looks like if you complain about the recoil on arma 3 not going backwards like in arma 2.

And i agree, with a combat scope the aim sway just walking was too fucking big, maybe bigger than with red dots or iron sights