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The radio in ARMA 3 doesn't sound or act like a radio...
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When pressing 'CAPS LOCK' to speak via radio the audio should have all high and low frequencies removed leaving only the harsh mid 500-1000Hz (rough guess)
So that while inside loud vehicles or during heavy battles the voice will still cut through over the engine noise or gun fire nice and clearly.

There should also be the classic:
(Press to talk) initially emits a 'blip' sound
(Let go when finished talking) emits a 'CH!' sound

The players natural voice should still be emitted from the characters mouth, so when talking to team mates on a radio channel, players without a radio (or enemies on a different channel) can hear the character speaking as if on direct communication.

VBS Radio: The next wave in radio communications for VBS3

Here's another great example in the game 'Squad'...


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At the moment it is totally impossible to communicate via radio while inside loud vehicles and during heavy battles due to the radio voice not being EQ'd to cut through the noise.

I have tried radio mods and they sound AWESOME but all the messing around, copying files and teamspeak channels makes them not worth using.
Also having to rely on someone else to go through this laborious process just to be able to communicate with them on a realistic level.
The game should just do this anyway by simply filtering frequencies out at least.

The simple ability to clearly hear someone while flying or driving would be great.

it would be easy when they balance the volume between direct channel and the sound effects but it seems no priority at allI dont get it the game is capable of so much with i guess easy fixes.

Maybe they should focus on fixing the in-game radio so it doesn't glitch out first. Just a thought.

All I am suggesting is that they use simple EQ filters for when the voice is being transmitted via radio.
It is extremely basic stuff but would make a massive difference to the ingame radio sound. :-)

Please make it sound like Task Force Radio mod. The only thing that should change is that when you press the button to start talking, there should be a bleep sound and when you release the button when done talking to hear a CH sound. Also, the voices to be like talking through a radio not crystal clear like you're talking through a proffessional microphone. Please add these features but don't add the crap side off Task Force Radio(all the different radios and that frequency thing).EVERYTHING should be just the same (group channel, side channel etc.) and only a push-to-talk button but with all the sound effects and features I mentioned above. Please also add if possible (it will make more realistic) the feature that was mentioned by FeralCircus. Let's say that there is a squad and they are talking in group channel, they hear each other through the radio but there is a guy who is not in the squad and he hears just the voice (something like when hearing someone from direct channel). Please add at least the sound effects mentioned above. It will make the game tons of times more awesome!!!

Make it like when the (friendly) AI where talking in the campaign,bleeping sounds and a little static in the voices. That's going to be really awesome and WAY more realistic and awesome.

I don't think the VoIP in game was ever or will ever be intended to be a full fidelity radio simulation, the very presence of the Global and Side channels would seem to indicate this. There are still some issues with the current implementation in the engine that I'd suspect that they'll need to fix first before even considering expanding it's scope.

TBH, if you want a full simulation of the radio enviroment, ACRE and TFAR are by far the better choice.

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I'm not asking for a full blown radio simulation, although that would be awesome :-)
I'm simply suggesting EQ filters (high & low pass) to make the radio voice audible while inside vehicles and during heavy battles.

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Here's a great example in the game 'Squad'...

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