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Equipment gathered from Side missions is not being added/Saved
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When doing side missions if you take the gear from some of the targets you do not get to keep it. Eg Sniper rifles, GPS, Rangefinders, etc

Also if equipment is loaded into a Quad you should be able to return with it the base or it should automatically be added to the bases inventory when you get returned. Also the Quad should remain in the same state as it was


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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Same as main description

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I'd consider this a priority due to the helmets and armored vests you can find, that are then just replaced by a tactical vest and bandanna when you do a regular mission.

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We are sorry, but uniforms, helmets, vests, backpacks and items (GPS, map, NVGs...) are not (currently) stored in Kerry's own possession.

Kerry should always find a vehicle in the vicinity of guerrillas' camp, but if he brings back any, the other guerrillas will use it for other purposes.

But any weapon, weapon attachment or magazine Kerry brings back in his pockets, backpack or vehicle to the camp is stored and will be retained for his own or his squad mates use only.

One exception currently not working is a backpack inside a vehicle - to be fixed.

I can't even do any side mission, I'm being forced into the main mission when I'm half way to my side objective

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As it's great to have to the equipment you brought back remember the name of the campaign - Adapt.

If the developers did it intentionally, then it would be better to limit the quantity of NVGs, rangefinders and GPS that could be looted during the missions. It's just not fair that items disappear.

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Is it still the case in 1.14/ episode 3?

After game update 1.22 (campaign improvements)

Gear from sidemissions that is stored in car is not added to weapons pool.

This problem is only present, if sidemissions are absolved without a squad.
(Testet for sidemissions from Borus hub and sidemissions from Gori hub.)

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You have to be driving the vehicle at the end of the side-mission to have it's cargo stored. Can you please confirm you were driving the vehicle, when the side-mission ended?

Confirmed. Always sat on driving seat (Quad or Offroad) when 'mission complete' screen faded in.

Additional info:
Restartet campaign not from the beginning but from episode 2.
Using dev-branch.

All mods disabled.

Restarted from episode 1. Problem is there, too.

... (Jun 18th, Wednesday) Update: 'Campaign improvements'
... (Jun 19th, Thursday) Bug discovered.

... (Jun 20th, Friday) Bug reported.

EXE rev. 125350 (Jun 23rd, Monday) Problem is still present.
EXE rev. 125365 (Jun 24th, Tuesday) Still present (fix is pledged for "probably next dev branch".)
EXE rev. 125390 (Jun 25th, Wednesday) Still present (although fix is pledged).
EXE rev. 125433 (Jun 26th, Thursday) Still present.
EXE rev. 125433 (Jun 27th, Friday) No update in dev-branch.

  • (weekend)

EXE rev. 125519 (Jun 30th, Monday) Fixed. :-) (Minor problems are remaining.)

Hello there. We have revised the transition of items between hubs and side missions in 1.22 and expanded on that in 1.24.

We fixed all issues related to item transition we were aware of and added some new features, like tracking cargo of multiple vehicles (and backpacks stored there) returning from skirmish.

We made series of testing to ensure, all the fixes and improvements are working as intended. I have just tested going from Gori to side mission in the offroad and I cannot see any issue (rev. 1.23.125365).

Be aware that your side mission squad in Adapt take the stuff from the equipment pool too. When they arrive back, they return everything they have in their possession and is in their vehicle(s).

The tricky part is that the gear your squad is going to take to side mission is NOT removed from the armory until the hub mission ends. We didn't want to deny player to take HIS/HER favorite weapon just because one of his side mission men took the only 1 piece.

Btw. this is same to campaign missions in episode Adapt.

If you want to try it isolated, try it in episode Survive, where the is only player. Use the quad bike. And let us know, what you find.

I reported:
"This problem is only present, if sidemissions are absolved without a squad."

That means:
If I start (and later finish) a side mission WITH my patrol team, everything works as intended. The problem occurs ONLY in side missions that I started (and later finished) WITHOUT my patrol team. So especially in 'Survive' every weapon stored in my Quad will not transfer to armory hub.

Sorry, my bad. I missed the line about happening only without squad. It is fixed now. You find the fix probably in next dev. branch build.

I didn't think it would take so long... I really yearn for that fix.

Now the 29/06/2014 and still encountering this issue. Been happening in the survive campaign and so far first Bomos mission of Adapt.

I load the quad with a backpack full of gear and have gear on my person and still the gear in the quad bike disappears upon returning to the HUB.
Playing on my own.

  1. What build number of are you playing?
  2. Dev branch or stable?

1.23.125433 Dev from 26th -27th June

Thank you for that fix. :-) Your campaign improvements especially in context with patrol missions are just awesome and very well thought out.

Remaining/ arisen problems (found in Borus hub):
Headgear and glasses (on head) are not transferred but replaced by randomly generated ones.
MX-black variants are replaced by No-black variants.