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Some peoples Arma 3 have their game stopped working. We on server sees: Steam ticket check failed.
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We at clan [S.O.S] have a server with an issue that seems to appear only on our server. Out of all the players that go on the public server, 10-15%(or more) of the players have their game crashing at random. Mostly on connection but also randomly at anytime when they are in. We who are in the server we get the message:
DefaultServer: Player "Name" kicked off, Steam ticket check failed: (null)

We in the clan have no idea what causes this problem and we have had it for over a month. We are at the point where we have gone through alot of the code of all the scripting on our map. Even after all we have gone through... We are still at a loss. It must be the game somewhere, but again.. It only seem to be on our server(?). Any advice would be most helpful. {F23023}


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Name of the mission you guys are running? I only crash in MP when I play TeeTimes warfare.

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The mission was first made by Tier 1 and was called something among the lines of "Tier1 combat patrol generator". Then we took that and modded it ourselves into something of our own and is now called: SpecialOperations v3.5.


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This happens when the Server checks with Steam if the Client is who it says it is. If Steam fails to respond, the client is kicked.

This is protection against game piracy.

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It's not really good protection. It kicks a lot of clients from certain servers, whether they actually have the game on Steam or not.

This could be an issue with Steam, though.

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The error occurs often, if players try to connect to the server. I uploaded a zip file including log and minidump.

I uploaded the mission (it's 3.6 now but still the same error) and 2 server logs, hopefully this helps...

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Hello, I dont want to come off as some impatient player but as issue has been active for over a week. I see Astaroth stacking up on more and other issues, I wish ours dont fall under the pile.

We suffer badly by this bug to the point where it is tearing our community apart. We in the clan have been going through a vast amount of our own code in the scripts and have come up empty. We then tried switching to Bohemia interactive maps which appears to have the same problem. (Escape Altis and a clean map with only spawn points with no scripts at all.) We have tried turning off battleeye and still the issue was active.

Are we close to a solution or can we help in any way to test and try to fix this problem because, again, our community is suffering really hard because of this issue. Sitrep plz :P

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The problem still exists after the patch. We need help.

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So... We think it has something to do server side. Since we have 0 response from you guys. We bought another server; . And tested and still have our steam ticket error issue. So now we have 2 servers that doesnt work.

We had full servers from 2pm to 01.00 am before the new year. Today it has been in a all time low. 9 pm with only 2 players. Honestly guys, this game is fucking broken at this point and been like this for over a month. Ive seen so many players going to other games because of this constant crashing that im even started to consider switching now.

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Is this issue still valid for current Steam Stable 1.14.?


413X added a comment.Apr 2 2014, 1:47 PM

This issue has been dealt with in another ticket. It was caused by corrupt .paa files that we used in clantags. Unsure if it has been resolved or not, the ticket went as private i think.