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Setting VonCodecQuality to 11 or higher makes the 3D (positional) function of comms to not work
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If a dedicated server has VonCodecQuality=10 or lower the direct communication channel (DC) will be heard 3D (positional) around the player using the channel. Also the other channels will be heard 3D around the player to those players that are not in the specific channel (other group channel, vehicle, command etc. channel).

But if the server has VonCodecQuality=11 or higher it breaks the 3D function and the voice comms e.g. DC will no longer be broadcasted positionally but you just "hear voices in your head". (

Also the broadcasting distance (and attenuation) changes for channels depending if 3D is working or not. When 3D works, DC can be heard to 80 meters with little attenuation but when the 3D is not working DC can be heard to 40 meters with no attenuation. Both these distances are too long but calls for another ticket. One exists for the case when 3D is not working:


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Setup a dedicated server for Arma3 with
VonCodecQuality=11 or higher

  1. Load up a mission with at least 2 players in it.
  2. Join the mission with at least 2 players
  3. Use Direct Channel or e.g. vehicle channel (when not in a vehicle) and observe how the voice comms is not heard positionally.
  1. repeat above with

and observe how voice comms work positionally aka. 3D.

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Setting VonCodecQuality=30 will make players sound like chipmunks.

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Ticket about the attenuation and distance of 3D voice comms:

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We need this ASAP.

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I think, the whole voice over network option needs a polish.

It's not a big issue, but since Armed Assault I would like to have seperate sliders for the different VON channels (because of the annoying side channel spammers):

Up voted. Devs, please take a look at this.

Can confirm that this is still present in 1.38