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Halo to Parachute landing realism
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This video is a recording of a halo to steerable parachute landing in vanilla Arma3, I'm using this video to report a request to change to the landing aspect, as to streamline or simplify it.

The issue of concern is that apon landing after parachuting, your character immediately lands on his feet, but then does a belly flop right after, during which your character's primary weapon is pulled from his back and then stands up relaxed, this cost so much time, its a waste as you have no control over your character til the animation finishes.

In combat i find this hard to use so i have to deploy somewhat far away as to avoid enemies after landing as my character isn't functional apon landing after the parachute.

All im asking is that once you land from parachuting that you stand ready to fire your gun, thats when the parachute folds down and disappears, having the belly flop, and then stand up casually has gotten me killed many times in a mission where I could not do anything, of course that is my fault for landing to close to the enemy but still a belly flop?!

A belly flop is not realistic, real people that use a steerable parachute, even the Navy Seals that do Halo and then parachute, land on their feet.
It would be better if the soldier were to stay prone and ready to shoot if the belly flop were kept, but in the game the character/soldier stands up and is in a casual/relaxed mode, i find this useless and a waste of time, from landing til you have control of your character is a wasted animation.

Just make it so that apon landing after using the parachute that you land on your feet, after the chute folds back and disappears then give control back to your character have him in ready to shoot with his gun up, if no gun then hands at his sides.


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Find a way to halo, jump out of a plane, use a halo script whatever, once you halo, and then pull your chute, the issue comes up apon landing, description above explains.

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A video i recorded demonstrates the default / vanilla halo to parachute landing animation, the landing animation and what your player/character does once he lands is whats concerned here.

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I think that you shouldn't be able to just jump in be combat ready. After landing you have to get out of the parachute, maybe pack it, but im almost certain that nobody will just land and fight with the parachute on his/her back.

I think that the landing can be improved, but not in the way you suggest it.

Im not saying fight with a parachute on your back, you dont have one anymore after you land, all im interested in is the part where when you do land that you do a belly flop and then all this extra stuff before you gain control of your character again.

At least lets cut out animations after you land so that we can be ready to fight and have control of the character right away, I'm mostly saying the belly flop is unrealistic, no one does that, not the way portrayed ingame, its a waste of time and unnecessary "extra" stuff you have to watch your character do before actually fighting.

The whole objective with halo and parachuting is to get to an inaccessible area of the battle that you normally wouldn't be able to do other wise, but if you are engaged as soon as you land you cant do anything til your character is done laying on his stomach and then standing there like everything is ok, again its unneeded and wastes time and not realistic.

As for alternative functions and or features as you suggested if you want real realism then someone can make that, personally i dont care, i just want after I land to not have to sit there an watch my character do all this useless stuff, as said i have no control over my character once I land til the animation ends, if we can cut that part out then we can begin to look at other things.

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there are 3 ways to land with a parachute:

The soft way:

You can land running away and take the parachute off on the run without having to be prone

The hard way:

Like most of the paratroopers, they have somewhat heavy parachutes, so when they land they usually fall. I have seen people break legs and knees because of this

The fast way:

you are going so fast that it might be dangerous, and its better to cut the chute off and fall in a very painful way, usually a frontroll helps.

Then again, in real life paratroopers land so far that they cant be spotted from the sky (think about at least 3-4 km in average conditions)

and not in the middle of the battle.

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I agree that there should be a new animation for landing a parachute but, like Humay said, not in the way your suggesting.

All military parachutists are taught to PLF (Parachute Landing Fall) when they hit the ground, because they will be carrying 30Kg+ of kit and your going to be falling at a faster rate than a normal civvy parachutist, so to attempt a running landing to stay on your feet would more than likely end in a broken ankle/leg.

All your kit including your weapon (which will likly not be made ready and may not even be loaded when you jump) is strapped tight to your body to prevent it flapping about and chinning you mid jump.

So basically when you do hit the ground not only will you be on your arse, but youl still be attached to the chute and your weapon wont be immediately ready to fire.

The current system, however naff looking atm, is in my opinion far preferable and more realistic than landing on your feet and instantly being able to fight.

All im asking is give control back to the player apon landing, not have to sit there and wait for a 5-6sec animation to finish.
Also note that parachuting, is not accurately portrayed based on what you guys with experience have explained.

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No matter how this is fixed, the current delay when landing needs to be addressed. It is possible for paratroops to land on their feet so it should be in Arma. Voted up