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Illumination flares - Mortar flare not bright enough, sochor/scorcher lacking flares
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The illumination from mortar flares is not bright enough, especially when compared with the 40mm HE flares.
The duration could be much longer than it is now. It should illuminate the area for at least 120 seconds to be of good use.
Also there's a lack of flares for the 155mm howitzers. {F22954} {F22955}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.: Place static mortar on map
2.: Place player as team leader
3.: set daytime to 0 AM and overcast to full
4.: compare 40mm UGL flare to mortar flare

Additional Information

Adjusting the 82mm flare to at least match the illumination of the 40mm flare would be great. Adding flares for the 155mm howitzers could add possibilities to illuminate an AO.
For example the 155mm M485 Illumination round is floating at 600m altitude, illuminating 1 grid square (1000mx1000m) for 120 seconds.

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Still the case, any chance of having this fixed?

Added 2 screenshots.

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Come on, the mortar flares are broken BI, please fix them!

Still the case in the latest stable branch (1.46)