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Dying from destroyed buildings when near, in MP
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There is a bug when u keep losing health and eventually die if near destroyed building(only if building is destroyed as mission progress) for too long. This is outrageous and should be dealt with.


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Go to any MP mission and destroy building, stay near it and see for yourself.

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This is happening since the alpha days. I'm not sure but it seems to be dependant on some used scripts.

Yes, since alpha, most of the players don't even know about this but are complaining on random dying all the time ^^

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Which mission? Which buildings specifically?

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if you would like any attention from BI... i strongly suggest a repro mission.

many thanks

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Actually, this also happens in Arma2. So I hope if it can be fixed in both games when they find the problem.

I have experienced it while playing TAW Domination multiplayer on Arma2.