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Sochor/Scorcher commander won't use HMG/GMG turret, only aims synchronous with gunner when doing artilleryFire
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When in engagement range to hostiles the commanders of the scorcher/sochor will never make use of their turrets, ever.
If the commander gives an artilleryFire command to the gunner he somehow tries to keep his turret elevation the same as the gunners turret.


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Windows 7
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

1.: Place Ifrit on map
2.: Place Scorcher within 100m of the Ifrit
3.: Watch how nothing happens
4.: replace Ifrit with Hunter and Scorcher with Sochor and witness the same

Additional Information

The Scorcher and Sochor could be terrifying foes if their commanders turrets would work properly, now they're just sitting ducks for anything too close to engage with the artillery cannon.

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This is still the case in the current stable branch (1.10)

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It is still an issue in the current version of the game. ( 1.11 I believe)

In addition I would like to mention that the Merkava and T-100 are not using their maingun properly either. They use it against enemy vehicles, however they forget about the HE-T ammuntion when it comes to enemy infantry contacts.

Regards R3vo

I am pretty frustrated that this is still an issue. This could easily be fixed by swapping the duties of the gunner and commander seats, where the gunner directs the actions of the other units in the vehicle and the "commander" is a subordinate.

As a side note, it would be nice if AI controlled artillery units would fire on enemy units beyond line of sight when grouped with another unit that has spotted the enemy. Currently, AI controlled artillery units will only fire on enemy units that are in direct line of sight (and pretty short range) unless directed to fire through scripts or the support module by a player.

It would also be great if AI controlled indirect fire units could be directed by AI groups using the support request module, such that AI groups far from the artillery unit providing support would call for fire.

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^ ^ ^
This would be sweet. Pertaining to the ticket, it is pretty damn easy to kill a manned arty because the commander doesn't care :P I think switching the gunner and commander's roles might work.

This is still the case in the current stable branch.
Added picture to showcase what happens when a scorcher meets an ifrit.

It is upsetting that this has not even been reviewed yet.

This has been fixed, no idea in which update though.
On a sidenote I noticed some weird warping of the commander turrets from the artillery vehicles, i.e.: the turret was firing at a target but was facing an entirely different direction. Can anyone confirm this?

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