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Choppers no longer land
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Choppers no longer land unless it's at the control tower.

safe,careless ect have no effect and there are no enemy on the map. {F22919} {F22920}


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Place a move waypoint and in the act heliname land "land" I have a getout waypoint after it but the chopper just hovers.

There is also a heli pad in the area.

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If I just move the waypoints to the control tower area the chopper usually lands.

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I believe this mission maybe a corrupted in some way.

I do the same things on a new clean map the same commands work.

It's just in that mission that they won't land.

Even if I set up more choppers they wouldn't land on that mission.

Have you tried merging it to a new mission?

Can you isolate the issue for a better repro?

I ran into this once,
what I think is that every Airport is assigned to a side.
I ran a chopper transport test for the mohawk and he plain refused to land at the main terminal while every other chopper landed just fine.
It didn't matter if the behaviour was set to Careless or anything else, commands like land "land" didn't work aswell.

I did copy the waypoints and chopper to another mission and it still wouldn't land. I haven't tried to merge it yet.

One thing I was doing previous was messing about with attachto and enablesimulation false/true on the chopper.

None of which are currently in the mission.

I also changed vehicles and made new waypoints but still wouldn't land.

The last test was just one getout waypoint and helipad and it still wouldn't land.

The repro scenario still works in 1.53.132346 Dev
I copied and pasted the waypoints, chopper and helipad to the virtual reality map. Same thing happened (Won't land, just hovers)

I copied it again, moved the copy much farther away and removed the copy helipad. This caused the copy to land successfully while the original still failed.

I uploaded a new scenario as an archive

Nice spot about the pad, I can confirm it only lands when there is no pad present, actually not only does it fail to land but flies upwards from 50meters to 140meters then settles around to 100 meters in height.

Oddly when I create a fresh mission from scratch it works fine, I'm suspecting something gets corrupted as it isn't the first time I've seen things like this happen.

I also observed when it settles, it sometimes starts yawing in different directions, pausing a bit, then yawing to a different direction. Compared to the usual stationary mode where it just faces forward.