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add script command to return if vehicle lights are on/off
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There is currently no way (at least that I know of) to check if a vehicles lights are on/off.


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Try to find out how to return the state of vehicle lights.

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I agree this would be a superb addition. I was suprised it could not be returned with the help of the animationphase command.

Kirill added a subscriber: Kirill.May 7 2016, 5:36 PM

I need this so badly right now. Specifically for better/simpler control of illuminated textures and lights sources in a more realistic fashion. (ie.. if lights are killed in a vehicle via the default 'L' key, we could then intuitively automate shutting off relative illuminated materials. as pressing that button will kill all Reflectors on the vehicle, but nothing else.)

animSource = "headLights"; or something..

I've just added some new commands, so take a look at:


will be distributed since DEV. 127346(probably tomorrow)

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 5:36 PM

japapatramtara, you are the god!

Japa doesn't get enough praise for what he is doing, seriously though, he is legendary!

@japapatramtara, well played Sir! Testing shortly, thanks for quick documentation also! ;)

@japa, I apologize for not getting back on this sooner. However, from the model making side of things, I don't think (or can't sort rather) how this is functional for us.

The issue I'm seeing is that the command is looking for vehicle 'name' apparently the 'vehcileVarName' equivelent. For me this is tough thing to work with as I'm creating a mod, and need to be able to work with the command via an init eventhandler.

The vehicle name is empty by default unless otherwise specified in the editor. I'm aware that vehicle will assume the players name if a player is in the vehicle. But again not really a solution for what we need as model makers need. I can see how it improves things on the mission making side though.

We really need to be able to check if the vehicles lights are on/off without having to rely on things such as the current vehicle name, or having a player in the vehicle. Which is historically the same issue.

Perhaps an actual animation source controller is whats really needed here. Again the primary issue being, using the 'light' key in-game will kill all reflectors, but there is no intuitive way to shut off related illuminated textures.

Hopefully this note gets seen. (?)

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