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Battlefield firefight ambient produces config error and does not work
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when selecting the battlefield firefight in the trigger effects menu and setting the trigger so it goes off when you click preview. it produces an error message and after clicking ok, it does not work {F22909}


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Steps To Reproduce

go to editor (any island)
place a soldier (player)
then place a trigger that sets off with your presence.
then select the battlefield firefight ambience effect.
click ok
click preview
error message appears...

Additional Information

BIS please please HOTFIX 1.08. ive been waiting ages for these effects to be put into the game. and the one that will mostly get used, doesn't work. the next update isn't until late january.

  • Pretty please **
  • photo attached of the error message -

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Thanks a lot for letting us know, I have fixed that and it's going to be part of dev branch udpate either today or tomorrow. Could You, please, check it and close it if it works?

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 5:36 PM

If it works can it slip into main branch please lord pettka?

I don't think so, the main branch would require re-validating all the data again :(

Ok not to worry pettka :)

Can someone on dev branch please test this in a couple of days please?
I'm on stable branch and really want to avoid downloading all that data and changing back
As I have a solid state drive

rev. 113567
no mods

Tried it and it works well for me ;)

It should be released even to the standard distribution together with the second part of the campaign, could You, please, confirm the fix and close the issue if it works? Thanks a lot.

Yeah will close when I test it when I'm home later tonight

Cheeeeers pettka!

issue has been fixed in 1.10 thanks again