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Landing with the WY-55 will make the MROT to be destroyed
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First of all, I am in the dev branch, so my version is 1.09.113293.
So, basically, when you try to land with the WY-55 (armed), the MROT will be instantly destroyed, I did not understand why so far, but it already happened quite a few times. I have tried the same mission 5 times, and it happened each time. My landing zone was clear and (almost) flat. {F22892}


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Place a Hellcat(armed) on Stratis' airfield. Take off, get to 042062 (for example), and try to land. Also works on 042067

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It seems like only player's helicopters will come accross this issue, IAs' are fine.

Apparently not yet fixed. Re-opened.

There is another problem. Problem is during disambarking.

This is happening when the AI is leaving/entering the chopper when the engine is running. This also happens when there is someone in the rotor area when you are starting the engine

This is still present in the 1.08 main branch update.

Have not had this issue with landing. However the issue is present where anyone entering or exiting the Helicopter whilst the Engine is running will destroy it. This was listed as fixed in the Dev Branch, but does not seem to have been pushed with 1.08.

It seems that nearby infantry units end up touching the main rotor of the WY-55 when they're near it, and they seem to move it around a bit.
I tested this by doing the following:

  • Create a WY-55, name it heli
  • Create a trigger, condition 'isTouchingGround heli', activation 'hint "Touching Ground"', deactivation 'hint "Not touching ground"'
  • Walk around the helicopter and see what the hints tell you.
zGuba added a comment.Jan 8 2014, 8:59 AM

Problem was missing rotor center memory point. Should be up on DEV since yesterday.

Any possible date on which it will be up on public?

zGuba added a comment.Jan 10 2014, 7:12 AM

For all I care it should be present on DEV branch. On STABLE - when the patch is rolled out.

Mass-close of resolved tickets not updated in last two weeks.