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East/West side relations stop artillery from working
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If WEST is set to be friends with EAST, and EAST is set to be friends with WEST, then doArtilleryFire and commandArtilleryFire cease to function.

Artillery units cannot then complete a fire mission. The artillery unit will attempt to raise it's barrel to fire, but something in Arma's engine stops it and nothing happens.

(If you go up to the artillery unit, you can see the barrel moves slightly, but then nothing else happens).


Artillery unit should fire on the co-ordinates fed into it with the appropriate magazine and number of shots. {F22880}


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Download attached mission and open up in the editor.

There is a crewed artillery piece next to you (vehicle name = a1).

Go into the map. It will show a number of triggers you can trip to initiate fire missions.

Radio Golf - Fires 9 shots from a1
Radio Hotel - Fires 5 shots from a1
Radio India - Fires 3 shots from a1
Radio Juliet - Fires 1 shot from a1

Also there is a trigger to spawn a new artillery piece in front of you. This is scripted to fire at the target 5 seconds after spawn. It's available on Radio Alpha. This is to show it affects spawned in units as well as editor placed ones.

You can make the artillery work normally by commenting out the following lines in init.sqf:

EAST setFriend [WEST, 1]; <<<< COMMENT HERE
WEST setFriend [EAST, 1];

I also checked the independent side relations, but they do not seem to affect the fire missions. I have not checked civilian relations, so it is possible there is an issue there as well.

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This affects both stable and dev branch. Originally noticed on dev branch and changed to stable to check.

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doartilleryfire doesn't work in general. arty just twitches and doesn't shoot at anything

EDIT: mag name appears to be case sensitive