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[Dev] All weapons got nerfed?
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I opened up ArmA 3 following the latest Dev Update (on 11/30/2013, US Standard Calendar). This is not tested in the updates to come out within a week before that date.

For whatever reason, all of the primary infantry weapons (MX rifles, Mk18, Katiba Family, and the F2000s... whatever their in-game name is) all do about as much damage as the 9mm pistols. For test purposes, I've fired a Mk18 (7.62 mind you) into a teammate's face at point blank; took 4 rounds to kill him. When this first happened, I assumed working helmets were finally added to the game; I spawned in a civilian (no helmet) and had the same results with the Mk18.


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  1. Shoot someone
  2. Be disappointed
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Headshots, body shots, arms, legs, feet, hands, against infantry in and out of armor/vests/uniforms/helmets/backpacks, take considerably more shots to kill with every assault rifle in the game, by default. Similar results with addon weapons; addons that once killed in 2-3 shots to the chest now take 5-7, etc.

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I believe the current armor system is still WIP and things are constantly changing and getting better.

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@ProGamer I hope they fix it soon, or at least revert to pre-update config and don't change it again until there's a better working model, or at least some documentation.

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Confirmed, headshots(to the face, not helmet) doesn't kill in one shot, with the standard assualt rifles, enemies or friendlies, doesn't matter. I even shot an enemy 3 times in the head(helmet) before he died with the mxm marksman rifle.

@TTc30 Thanks for confirming. :)

Jeah Headshots dont kill....

So bad

Dupe of #16542. The new damage system probably shouldn't have made it to 1.08.