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There is a poor choice for the Russian Vehicles
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You need to put more modern russian millitary equipment and make the stupid americans and the rest wear something more realistic, even if the game is set in the future then you should look at the new russian equipment and not just one russian armoured vehicle.


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you should also give the T 95 black eagle or what ever it said in the game better fire power because it doesnt do much damage.
surf the internet for more ideas on the russian side and on the realese put more missions, playing as a russian, im looking forward to the full virsion.
the russians should also have a bigger veritey of clothes because the choice of the clothes is quite vague.

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There is no Russian army in the game .. yet

No russians in-game, this is a joint force of Chineses, Arabs, and russian equipment, we dont know if what they got was old by russian standars on 2035 or because its what they god, but modern things like what you said doesn't apply here as this game is more of a "fantasy" one

It's worth noting the CSAT tank IS a T-95 Black Eagle. To-199 is a Yak-130, Po-30 even used to be named Ka-60 in alpha if I'm not mistaken, Mi-48... Well, still. That's real Russian gear in use of the Iranians, so I don't see a problem here no matter how you look at it.

In game there is no main Russian weapon!
This is all variations of AK and variations of classical russian RPG.
This weapon does not exist and it looks very strange.
Still hundred years, even in the future, people always will use this weapon in any conflicts and wars!
Possible to arm with this weaponry rebel groups, but not the basic forces.

easy, this is all fiction, so BIS can do whatever the fuck they want, they can change something, change the name, add something retarded and nobody can complain because they are fiction.

More weapons in general would be nice.
And Dr Death has a point, 20 years from now for all we know there could be laser rifles or we could be using guns that would be relatively old by then. If BIS did add "modern weapons" then either they are really cheap weapons, or they're really good still, because a "modern" military would logically want the best their money can buy, and FIA (or other ragtag groups) would get what's left over.

oh no, i was not meaning the chance that anything can happen in the future, i meant that BIS has total freedom to go apeshit with their game because "its the future".

in 2035 the army still using multicam? (actually, a cheaper slightly less effective version of it, but i forgot the name and its the same color pattern)

using 6.5 instead of 6.8? CSAT not having vests? fake names? a small greek island being independient and having its own military force completely destroyed? israel equipment on NATO and greek insurgency?

That's why people complained about arma 3 being futuristic in the first place, that's why people like more the wars of the past, because there is less freedom on the development, but i see that as a good thing, as it means better realistic accuracy and shit that makes more sense, besides, ArmA OA + ACE + MSO is already more interesting and fun than most of ArmA 3 even with mods and the shitty workshop support filled up with basic "sandbox" missions and "sniper recon specops delta seal support stealth" ones.