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Player gun sounds are inaudible after weapon switch
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There is a bug which is causing gun shot sounds to disappear if the player or AI switches weapon.

I have uploaded the mission files for testing and I have uploaded a video which shows the problem.

There are no addons running. {F22840}


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Place two playable units in the editor.
Place a NATO weapon box.
Save the mission as a multiplayer mission.
Start your mission up in multiplayer and have a friend join the game.
Both players will be able to hear gun shot sounds but then if someone switches their weapon the other player won't be able to hear their team mates gunshots.

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Surely this bug isn't related to Terrible sound immersion, isn't that just a complaint of the sound rather than a bug?

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I think Dwarden or other guys are just using that ticket to gather all kinds of sound bugs. As you can see it got many relations.

I have the same problem any unit i place down we can hear their guns until switched doesn't matter if its vanilla or and mods that include weapons. this should be a top priority to fix.

Iceman added a comment.Dec 5 2014, 9:55 AM

is it still happening to you in 1.36?
is it possible to upload your newest rpt and also DXDiag file? Thank you very much.
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

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Yes, it still happens with 1.36. I don't have an RPT offhand... You can still find mentions of the problem on the forum though like

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On and off for other people in my group just recently all of a sudden it did fix it self after the last big patch but i still have other people in my group that still suffer from the error.