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Vehicle Respawn Module not ignoring collision correctly
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The respawn module works fine as long as you move the vehicle away from its original spawn.
It does respawn, when the module is activated, where the vehicle originally was, even if it was in a small parking spot.

But if you don't move the vehicle and it becomes destroyed, the module is not correctly respawning the vehicle - it still has (I think) collision issues.

When you check the sample-mission, don't move the hunter. Destroy it where it stands. You will see that the Hunter mostly will be respawned outside of the area. {F22808}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load mission
  2. Destroy Hunter (do not move it)
Additional Information

Of course it may sound irrelevant, but if you set-up and armory-like mission and one vehicle in a small narrow parking position gets destroyed, the respawn module respawns that somewhere else, sometimes causing massive destruction.

My take on this would be to simply add a delay after deleting the vehicle and respawning.

Or check this:

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related to

It seems, that the respawn module checks, if there is an object at the respawn location and respawns the vehicle a few meters away from that position.

If a vehicle is respawning and is getting in a conflict with f.e a building, it will explode.

Also related to (created ~7hrs prior)

The reason is that the old vehicle (wreck) is being deleted at the same time the new vehicle is created. So the newly created vehicle has to be repositioned so it will not collide.