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rifles aiming stability (bipods)
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I would like to request adding bipods to rifles which makes aiming steadier when proning.

Bipods could be an item addable to gun inventory. So everything which have to be done is :

  1. increase stability of aiming
  2. creating static model of bipods item

Easier, however not professional method would be just changing weapon model and aiming just like in arma 2 where most of sniper rifles have static already deployed bipods as a part of gun model.


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Aiming in arma 3 is much harder than in arma 2.

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Duplicate mate.

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#432 is the bipod request ticket.

This is not duplicate

This aint the same as 0000432 read it with understanding
that report is about deploying weapons on objects windows etc which is much more complicated

My report is about bipods + steadier aim while proning thats all

if u see completely same report write it in notes
becouse i havent seen any

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Duplicate of #0000432.


Did u read both reports with UNDERSTANDING? obviously not.

the only resemblance is that both reports have word bipod in summary
and thats it . NO more similarities.

Please next time acquaint with not only summary but also description

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Duplicate of 432