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Friendly Ai i shooting on you,
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I was playing around and i placed a UGVstomper,the natoversion of it,and my charactaer was natoo too,and i moved to the Stomper an wanted to connect,but it shot me before i reached it :D,


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Go into the editor.
Choose a card.
Place a UGV.
Try by yourself.

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You killed a friendly and the Stomper noticed that. Stompers don't like that.

hahah :D; nope,i didnt,

Or you crashed a UAV. Or you were responsible for a death of a friendly drone.

oh,thats it i guess,i accidently crushed the first into a house,as i flew low :Dthanks :).

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Duplicate of #13152, #13590

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A placeholder solution for it is missionmaker should be able to simply disable AI for now.