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Request for a MP BIS_revive_module
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I would like to request a revive module be included by default for the editor.

The module would have the following functions :-

CPR to inrease timer
load into vehicle from carry
suicide button param dependant

user input params in the module.

Bleed out time [number]
CPR on [true,false]
Who can do CPR [medic,all]
CPR increase timer amount [number]
Item needed for CPR [true,false]
If CPR item true then ["item"] default "defibrillator"
Medic % chance of a revive [% number and 0=no chance] default %100
NONE medic % chance of a revive [% number and 0=no chance] default %25
Item needed for medic["item"] default "medkit"
Item needed for none medic ["item"] default "firstaidkit"
Place marker on injured [true,false] side only
Can player suicide [true,false]
First person view only for injured [true,false]
Spectator view for injured [true,false]
Disable all chat for injured [true,false]
Suicide button [true,false]


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A single module that all use would greatly help new players and old alike

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