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Miniguns use "special" 6.5 and 7.62 ammunition with more penetration than even .50 cal ammo!
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There is "special" 6.5mm and 7.62mm ammunition which is used in various miniguns. It has an absurd amount of penetration, here compared:

B_65x39_ball: caliber = 1 (normal 6.5mm)
B_762x51_ball: caliber = 1.6 (normal 7.62mm)
B_408_ball: caliber = 2.2 (.408 CheyTac)
B_127x99_ball: caliber = 2.6 (NATO .50 caliber)
B_127x108_ball: caliber = 2.8 (Soviet/Iran .50 caliber)
B_127x99_slap: caliber = 3.4 (NATO .50 caliber APDS)
b_127x108_apds: caliber = 3.6 (Iran .50 caliber APDS)

and then the minigun's special ammunition:

b_65x39_minigun_caseless: caliber = 3.2!
b_762x51_minigun_tracer_red: caliber = 3.6!

As well, the minigun ammunition causes a large amount of splash damage, which doesn't make sense to me.

My suggestion: get rid of the special splash-damage super-penetrating minigun ammo, use normal ammunition in miniguns.

It doesn't make sense that a bullet penetrates as well as a .50 caliber APDS and does splash damage just because it was fired from a minigun.


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Check config

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Do the miniguns have an actual 2000-4000rpm ROF? If not then it may be a compensatory measure.

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The miniguns have 2000 rpm, according to config.

Anyways, compensating for a slower actual rate of fire could explain splash damage, but it doesn't explain the extra penetration.

The bullets shouldn't penetrate armor or structures any better.

Also, the 6.5mm "minigun" ammunition is for vehicle machine guns, like on the Slammer coaxial. Those only have 800 rpm and aren't miniguns, so there is no need for splash damage to compensate for framerate issues. I see no good reason for the existence of the special 6.5mm ammo at all.

Thanks for the info, I agree on all points and vote up!

I agree , those miniguns are just messy - less realistic than in arma 2...

I'm afraid it's a fix for another isse brought up recently on the tracker, where miniguns were totally uneffective due to low rate of fire

DarkWanderer, I remember that but if I remember correctly the problem was it was near impossible to hit infantry. Increasing the penetration value does not help that.

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Was already wondering why I can easily destroy a MRAP with the 7.62 miniguns mounted at the Pawnee. Besides the unrealistic penetration, the clunky aiming of the miniguns of the Ghost Hawk need a overhaul too. It´s way to hard to aim, perhaps it´s time to add a sigh to the minigun and remove the clunkiness.

Goose added a comment.Nov 20 2013, 4:35 PM

"Was already wondering why I can easily destroy a MRAP with the 7.62 miniguns mounted at the Pawnee."

This is what I was worried about :/

The only reason for extra penetration, that I can see, would be to destroy vehicles that in real life would be largely protected from 7.62mm fire, perhaps for "balancing" purposes.

My opinion: minigun dispersion should be increased, normalize the ammo and make fire-rate framerate-independent...

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