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Donation of additional memory points for memory LOD to enable trilateralization geometry recording.
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I have attached a p3d containing 39 memory points in the memory LOD that will merge with the memory LOD in character models. Using these points, which are bound to the bones used in the FIRE LOD it allows scripters/mod makers to use trilateralization equations to record positions that move in sync with the model.

This allows for custom, "soft" geometry additions to existing models for hit detection, persistent wounding effects, diagnostic/debugging, etc.

These points would significantly expand the power of mod makers within the community. {F22798}


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Simply select all the memory points in this models memory LOD and paste them into each character models memory LOD.

It would also be beneficial if these memory points were also distributed in the sample models so the community is also aware and making use of them for their content.

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If the developers have any questions/concerns please let me know. I would love to get this in the sample models at least before tools are released publicly so the community has them from the get go!

Super cool stuff. I'm all for getting everyone on the same page. Seems like the timing is providing a reasonable opportunity to do such. Let's not miss it!

I would love to see this implemented as it would allow modders and others, myself included to do some really interesting stuff.

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Not sure how much further it would impact large servers.
But I like the idea. Especially for ace mod or similar.

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It would literally not impact the server at all. It is a simple model addition.

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As requested elsewhere I have tried to add fuller documentation to the Biki but there seems to be some technical issues for me at least that are not allowing me to edit pages.

I will continue to try.

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Please try again.