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futuristic arma 3 is not futuristic enough-if you would read the description you might understand what it's about
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Apart from the Irift and the civilian cars that really look good,there is not much futuristic equipment in the game.I was expecting some cool gadgets.The gps is kinda simple,and only squad-leaders and high-rank officers have it.By 2035,i think it should be standard issue for all troops.Also,it only shows on a small range,does not show other troops and it does not tell you how to get to places.Navigating through Altis or Stratis can be hard,as there are many roads that go in many directions and few indicators.If AI can follow roads,why couldn't the GPS?Also,it would be tremendously helpful if the gps would also indicate units.In a CQB,under fire if you are under fire and can't see who's firing at you you can die fast.A feature i've seen in ArmA 2 PMC's scenario P02: Reaction i've really appreciated the hud indicator that showed what range and in wich direction the hostiles are.For those who do not like it it can be toggled on and off.Also i'd appreciate a more complex when wearing the tactical glasses.Tanks,armored cars,aircraft and helis should have more complex HUDs too,the one i MMA pleased me a lot.Again,feel free to post suggestions i will update. {F22790}


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Thanks god for that.

u like.why u no vote?

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Absolutly true, the GPS is kinda weak, I would rather have a little tablet pc with way more options and possibilities than just showing my current position.
I´am also pretty sure nearly every vehicle , whether tank or MRAP have a GPS on board and so they should be visible on the GPS.

UPVOTE for more complex GPS

Looking at the buildings on both maps you could be fooled into thinking it was set in the year 1802 :-s
All that technology and everyone is still living in mud huts lol

@circus i am not talking about houses i'm talking about gadgets,gear and vehicles.there is nothing wrong with the houses.they are traditional greek country houses

i hope the 2 downvoters can handle fighting with torches and bows and use carrier pigeons

@Shadow I know my friend and I agree with you :-)

I was just pointing out that absolutely NOTHING reflects the year that the sim is set in.
Even if the Greeks haven't progressed architecturally by 2035 why is literally everything in ARMA 3 dirty, empty and broken lol
Was there some sort of massive political event rendering them not part of the human race any more?
Have they been down graded to a subspecies?

Bizarre :-z

As for architectural progression-there are office buildings in the major cities.
As for the slum and garbage is what you'd expect in a warzone/post-war country.

wow seriously?4 votes down?i really wanna know why. not my vid but it shows the red ring on the bottom of the screen.It shows in wich direction is the nearest hostile,a feature that should be revived.

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