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[GUD] Broken vehicle placement
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Have a look at the attached picture. Left sandbags were created with createVehicle script command, the right ones were spawned in editor. Can you see the problem?

When vehicle is created on a hill it automatically gets vectorUp adjusted. As you can see it is not only broken it also really really bad idea.

If I do getPos setPos on such object it will never be placed in the original spot but slightly off. Do it repeatedly and the object will end up miles from the original position.


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If it is not possible to return createVehicle to its former glory i.e create objects with vectorUp [0,0,1] by default maybe you could add another parameter along "NONE" and "CAN_COLLIDE", like "HORIZONTAL" or "DEAD_STRAIGHT" so that created object is leveled. "LEVEL" will do too.

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