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even leader can't chnage players' combat mode,players' radio chatting always make loud sound
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only leader can change combat mode,also if 'player leader' changes 'players'' combat mode,it won't be changed,even 'player leader' can't change 'his combat mode'
mission makers must use a scipt to shut them up if they don't want to for some reason
so I want I can change my combat mode even I'm not a leader of group.
why? actually,IA can't hear radio chatting,but players? they can hear.
specially king of the hill,radio chatting was enabled,but now,not
players can hear enemys' radio chatting clear and loud


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I don't understand what you're trying to say.

@AD2001 i think he's saying squad leaders still shout in stealth mode

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@AD2001sorry for my bad english
players shout at any situation,include leader(without AI)
modified it

You mention a specific mission, King of the Hill. I assume you hear players using direct chat or simply their radio channels. Also, as far I know there is no AI in this mission.

Please only report one issue per ticket and make sure it's not community-mission specific.

Fireball// 1~0 buttons for reporting,anwsering above many keys.
I mean radio chatting is "enemy front 100 meters" somthing like that.
reporting automatically,untill king of the hill v7? v6? that mission don't script that disabling radio chatting.(sry it's not now)
every TVT,PVP missions that don't use script disabling radio chatting have this issue.
some PVP,TVT missions can play with AI also have this issue,if it don't use that script.
anyway if I infiltrate,so enemys are nearby,but make loud noise for reporting,it's......very odd