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No way to modify gravity
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When creating mods that involve a location set on another planet, there is no way to change the level of "gravity" which affects everything from flying to shooting. With the ability to modify gravity, many interesting community mods could use this in many interesting ways. Existing mods like the Mars One mod could utlize control over gravity.


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oh...god...this could get interesting, but yes, it should be added, just for modding purposes

why would someone vote against this?

i vote up,put just too much to ask.the devs still have problems to fix for planet earth

wouldn't the Take on Mars have all that?

It's a different engine.

lol @shadowmaster ..very true
Upvoted of course

Upvoted. I don;t why anyone would vote against it, for modding purposes.

Looks like the tracker is full of noobs (sigh)

arma on mars...hehe that would be fun