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destroyed walls simply sink into the ground
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Back in 2008 i was impressed that you could knock down walls and fences in ArmA 2 but now it's 2013,and the current animation is unchanged and old.Walls simply sink into the ground.The current animation should be replaced with one in which walls crumble and leave behind dust instead of just sinking piece by piece.Gates should force open when driving through them instead of sinking and bringing down pillars with them.And with the support of physx,this should be easier.Thank you for your attention. {F22774} {F22775} {F22776} {F22777}


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Just destroy a wall

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PhysX SHOULD make this possible, but the devs chose not to use this option for some stupid reason

how do i increase priority

This is not high priority.


They could've just made it like the building destruction, without PhysX.

i did not say is of low towards medium.

there already are crumbled wall models in-game,all they have to do is replace and add dust and rubble

the 3rd photo shows the default models

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A two or three phase destruction might work best, you have the first phase which is intact, then the second which spawns dust particles and maybe some 'rock particles' that vanish into the ground in the dust cloud. And the third phase wherein if an adjacent wall is destroyed, the previous one vanishes.

This only goes for solid walls, not so much things like chain links.

There's also chicken wire fences,wich do not smash but bend.They already have destroyed models too.And this kind of fence does not produce dust or rubble.

The Marauder a South African vehicle

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 5:25 PM

Biggest issue with this stuff is that units\players can walk through and hide inside these knocked over walls.

Are you refering to the current model?Because yes units can pass through them as if they don't exist.