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Armored vehicles are not protected enough from small arms
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I'm sure no 6,5mm can penetrate that main side plate.

No way any small arms can penetrate the main front plate and destroy the engine.

No idea what he was shooting at. But shooting at the frame/suspension shouldn't let the vehicle blow up.

Ok I guess you can disable a vehicle by doing that, but not blow it up.

Main front plate, side plates. Penetration on these should be impossible with small arms.

Same as above. No way you can penetrate this spot with that rifle.

Ok this is ridiculous. He is not even shooting the sights or something, but the main armor plate of the tower.

A weak spot, but I guess it's at least enough protected small arms can't penetrate that easily.

This is legit, but as you can see bugged. He can't damage the gun of the Marid but with the same method the gun of the Panther.

Legit, he is hitting the optics.

May be legit, but the optics may be protected from behind. But no prob, that is getting too much into detail anyway.

No way. You can see the Marshall is getting damaged. No way you can penetrate that spot with small arms. The engineers of those vehicles aren't retarded.

8:20 and all other rear hits
Getting to the tanks it's speculations as the armors are classified. You may be able to disable the engine with those rear hits, but it shouldn't damage the tank that bad it blows up. There is a disabled engine feature, so use it in this case. But not let it blow up with a single hit.

9:50 and all other front tower hits
Speculation as above, but this is probably the best armored spot of the whole tank. The front tower armor. I don't think you should be able to blow up a tank with 2 hits on the best armored part. I guess the Top 5 MBT could be able to sustain hits at the best armored parts even with a modern 120mm gun. Anyway at least in a game like Arma 3 the best armored parts should protect you against a few hits in my opinion.


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You can see the back and sides of the optics (and other sensible parts like the rear compartments of the 35mm AA the russian guy is shooting in his vid) are usually protected with plates thick enough to at least negate small arms fire. The people developing this stuff know what they're doing.

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Wow, that video is pretty demonstrative...

If players can destroy "Ifrit" and "Hunter" armored vehicles with only a few rounds of 6.5mm, something is clearly wrong.

I am assuming this is current (video is from Oct 4), have not tested myself, so hopefully this is patched soon - until then I'm sure a few people online will be shocked when I suddenly destroy their armored cars with a couple well placed 6.5mm rounds :P

just did a test for myself, thats exact, at least for the MRAPS. they can be shot in the same spots and be taken out by 4-7 shots of a sniper rifle from 500m, depending on the vehicle...the strider only takes 4 shots to the left side...

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Some feedback regarding APCs and AA vehicles:

  • hitpoints and fire geometry AA vehicles will be improved.
  • RCWS is delicate is by design. You're hitting an area where sensors/mechanics are stored, not just random place.
  • Gorgon and Kamysh - you've just destroyed optics, so it's not surprise you can't aim anymore.
  • AMV you managed to hit turret ring which is NOT armored well. Nice one.
  • T-100 can indeed have smaller fragile zone around engine.
  • There are few tanks in the world that can sustain APFSDS hit from THAT close. If anything, tanks should be more fragile to such powerful round.
  • 10:07 You have managed to hit gun's mantle. What I would expect IRL is that you'd tear that turret apart, and kill all occupants of the turret.

Best regards, thanks for detailed report and hope you enjoy our game.

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Thanks for the detailed answer! What about Strider, Ifrit and Hunter? Can they be improved? Because they can explode after getting hit with only 15-20 bullets(6.5cal), and I think it's not very realistic because they suppose to be MRAPs.

MRAP stands for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles. They are armored vehicles and considered Armored personal carriers. They should not behave like shown in the video.

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MRAPs should survive small arms, hits to the fuel tank, and RPG impacts should give the occupants a chance to survive. And their RCWS is invulnerable.

So we've got it all backwards.

video is gone so ticket is without real description basically

@Astaroth may be close this ticket as obsolete?

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