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Team switch is broken in DEV version
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Team switch is not possible when in the editor.

This worked in the alpha and is broken now - at least in the DEV version


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Place two soldiers in the editor. one beeing the player and set the other as playable.

Preview the mission and try to teamswitch.

See that it wont let you teamswitch

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I think I need to clarify this.

teamswitch via map->team->teamswitch doesnt work

however executing teamswitch command from debug console then selecting teamswitch from resulting teamswitch menu works. exactly can i use that command?=)

Teamswitch also work, for me, upon dying on Dev.

Hmm, works for me. You know that you can only use the Teamswitch button when a unit is marked playable?

Yes I know that;)

Nevertheless it doesnt work for me. Even with no mods.


Got it. I tried teamswitch after dying, this works, but through the map -> team -> team switch on soldier doesn't work.

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Teamswitch was fixed but in the last couple of builds it was broken again.

No mods.

I did test stable version and that works but after re-enabling Dev build it fails again.

Should be fixed in the next dev branch update.