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Unable to name Respawn Menu positions for OBJECTs
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We have no way of naming positions for OBJECTS in the Respawn Menu.

When (for instance) creating missions with multiple sectors that each add a respawn position for the owning side, we are forced to create a marker so we can display our own text in the menu. It would be much easier to use the flagpole we already have there but this results in a multitude of respawn positions named 'Flag Pole' as it uses the displayName from FlagPole_F.

The same problem happens if say you have a vehicle as your respawn position. If any unit type is in the vehicle then the menu shows the name of this unit, if its an empty vehicle we get the 'dispalyName' from the config (as explained in the previous paragraph) where we may need it to say 'MHQ' or 'Respawn Truck' to make it clearer to the player where he is going to respawn at.


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Steps To Reproduce

Add a respawn position via BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition using an OBJECT as the position.

There is no way to name this position within the Respawn Menu, we either get "displayName" from config or if it is a manned vehicle the name of the unit.

Additional Information

Would it be possible to add another parameter to BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition to add a custom name. (Would involve shifting positionID in the function to param 3)
As a quick fix just let us setVariable the OBJECT and just add a check for us in fn_respawnMenuPositions.sqf . e.g something like.. (switch statement from fn_respawnMenuPositions : line 209 )
case (typename objnull): {
_xVeh = vehicle _x;
_menuName = _x getVariable ["BIS_fnc_respawnMenuPosition_name",nil];
_text = if ( isNil "_menuName" ) then { name _x } else { _menuName };
if (isNil "_menuName") then {

		if (isnull group _x) then {
			_text = gettext (configfile >> "cfgvehicles" >> typeof _xVeh >> "displayName");
		} else {
			if !(isplayer _x) then {_text = format ["%1: %2",localize "str_player_ai",_text]};

_picture = gettext (configfile >> "cfgvehicles" >> typeof _xVeh >> "icon") call bis_fnc_textureVehicleIcon;
_canAdd = !isnull _x;

Needs testing, or some other fix to your liking would be much appreciated.


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Added a few days ago, you can now set the name in BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition.

[west,myRespawn,"HQ"] call bis_fnc_addRespawnPosition;

Can also point to localization key:

[west,myRespawn,"STR_HQ"] call bis_fnc_addRespawnPosition;

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Excellent, cheers Moricky

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