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Support Steam Description Formatting Tags In Game
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In-game, should either support, or strip (read: clean) the formatting tags from the mission description, and support the linebreaks steam uses.

on steam i can use [b]bold[/b], [url]urls[/url] or [list][*]lists[/list], but in game i can read every tag in the mission description. and to boot, all the line breaks are removed too, so it becomes a jumbled unprofessional mess.

so, please add automatic conversions to structured text, or just clean the tags out entirely, retaining linebreaks. personally i'd prefer the former. {F22729}


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an additional idea would be to have steam urls open with the in-game browser (to recommend other missions or other steam user profiles

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even a simple tag-strip would be nice...the BIS_fnc's already exist to do so ;)

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more like you are the duplicate ;) but i'm glad it got assigned either way, certainly took long enough (woot!)