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feature req: make PLAYER be able to call "Area Clear"
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when in my mission we needed to fall back so i did the following radio calls.

all hold fire
all disengage
all move to.......
all stay alert

yet they stayed in danger mode when i just wanted them to run... and ignore the enemy behind them.

after about 5 mins, solder (2) called out Area Clear and they all come off danger mode.
so this is why im requesting the same thing for us player leaders.

theoretically it should work right?


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Steps To Reproduce

play an existing mission of yours
make sure you are leader
attack an enemy position of some sort
during the assault tell your units to fall back or move to a different location and to disengage (does not work at all.... this radio code but hey ho)
and then hold fire and then stay alert

should be the following radio commands.


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