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Use VBS2's weapon sway instead of the weapon sway we have now
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Instead of having weapon sway for "gameplay" purposes or for hiding AI problems. Arma 3 should try to have realistic weapon sway, which VBS2 does very well.

In VBS2 weapon aim just goes up and down as if you were breathing, then whether you are aiming with the RMB or not you hold RMB and the soldier holds breath for a few seconds, after they pass and you still hold RMB he barely manages to hold the aim and then lets the breath go. In VBS2 firefights go longer because of this and it also requires more from player than just aim and shoot. Really adds certain "oomph" to shooting. Not mentioning that it doesn't make a sniper that "casually lie down and play firing range" kind of guy anymore.


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Old VBS2 sniper footage:

If you have better and more up to date videos, please post them for me to replace these videos with.

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Related to #5209

Another example VBS2 video:

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We have always been told than BISimulations is a completely different company than BIStudio, so I find it hard to believe that something like this may happen. It would be a great addition but I am pretty sure they will leave this kind of stuff in hands of the modding community.

@wok I believe you are misinterpreting what I am asking. What the ticket is for, is making Arma 3's weapons sway like VBS2. Not copying VBS2's weapon sway to Arma 3 directly.

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@ProGamer I still upvoted :)

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Please vote on this ticket if it bothers you:

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All of my yes

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Man that medical system + damage model.

That sway is identical to arma 2 btw so almost no sway.