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Cannot binarize models with PhysX LODs/simX Classes
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I am unable to binarize any model containing a PhysX LOD, utilizing 'shipX'. The game will crash upon entering the world. I can pack things without binarizing them, and all is well in-game.

I believe (from reading BIF), this is the case with all PhysX classes. (?)


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Pack and binarize a model using simX class with relative PhysX LOD(s).
Start the game, add to mission and launch. Experience app crash.

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This is related to the outdated tools, there is going to be a new tools package hopefully soon enough. Thank you for letting us know, things are being worked on, stay tuned, please.

Fair enough, and many thanks for the SITREP update and information relating to these things. Keeps us motivated and doing ;)

It should be OK with the release of new Arma 3 Tools, could You, please, give it a try and close the issue if it works correctly?

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