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TWP mod stops campaign progress after adams is killed by mine.
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If i'm running the TWP_mod in stable or in the dev version after Adams is killed by a mine I get no further radio contact with Bravo, the mission just does not continue. I can still wander around and do my own thing but the actual campaign gets broken. It's a shame coz all the other mods I'm using are working, ie CBA_A3,JSRS sound,sthud,tmr,WW_AICOVER and WW_AImenu all working well.Come on BIS, this game needs these mods.I sometimes feel the modding community are doing your jobs for you and getting nowhere near your cash, LOL


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Not Fixable
Campaign Episode 1: Survive
Steps To Reproduce

run TWP_mod play situation normal until Adams gets his then try to make contact with Bravo at the old outpost, you can actually get there but they will totally ignore you. LOL they WILL move if you shoot them in the foot.

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Hi, we can't fix user-made missions and mods. Please contact directly author of that mod.

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